Sunday, November 15, 2009

Okay, today's post is definitely nowhere near normal or even respectable, but I am venting my frustration with my beautiful blond haired blue eyed... uhhummmmm... cherub.

Every day for the past week... about 6 times a day I dress and redress my little "freedom fairy." I have tried putting clothes on her that are difficult to take off, and clothes that are VERY comfy, yet still she persists. Yesterday we had our family movie night and while I was busy making supper and dessert the naked "nipper" struck again. (which reminds me dessert turned out wonderful - peanut butter streusel topped brownies...mmm I will have to share the recipe later)

I am sure there is some sweet and innocent childhood fixation going on behind the scenes here, but I just found her a minute ago happily playing in her castle playhouse with her dolly...clothes dropped in a little pile and long forgotten!!

 I have even tried the "mean" approach - still to no avail! So, now I am questioning my parenting skills... have I lost it?  I managed to get 5 other children past the toddler years without going through this stage... this is making me crazy. I am so frustrated, then she smiles up at me and blows a kiss -

Oh so sweet, I could just eat her up!

Any suggestions for keeping clothes on little angels with blue eyes?


  1. that's a toughie. How much input does she get on what she wears? Would picking her own clothes make any difference? Or how does she feel about costumes? You might try adding "angel wings" or a ballerina tutu to her daily outfit for a little while to see if that would encourage her to stay "in character". ;) Otherwise, I would just assume it was a stage she will outgrow very soon. Cute post!!

  2. oh my! what an adorable story! i know the stripping is frustrating but have you considered that THAT may be exactly why she's doing it? the old, do something negative to get attention? no, that doesn't mean she's not getting enough attention - it just means she's learned a new trick for getting even more! lol! i think the best thing you can do is just be patient and know that like all the other phases you've already survived, "this too shall pass"! believe me, i'm telling myself that everyday too as my three year old has learned that if he pees/poops in his underwear, everything stops just for him...not fun!

  3. Oh, dear... I could agree with what jennifer said about doing it to get attention, but you never know - it could be some sort of "natural tendancy"!! Who knows, maybe she'll end up a nudist, but the more likely possibility is that this is just a phase.

  4. Depending on where you live, WINTER should fix the problem. I am with the others to not make a big deal about it with the refrain, "this too shall pass." Afterall, she won't be going to college in her birthday suit. :)

    I am a BWC alum and stopped by to visit the new blogs. This is a fun one and beautiful, although the grey font on the orange background is very hard to read (About Me & Comment Policy).

    Best wishes!

  5. I think every family has at least one of those. I know I did! They grow out of it, and live to be old enough to be embarrassed when you bring up the memory! At least your little sweetie doesn't strip herself during the Sunday morning sermon like mine did! :)