Monday, November 9, 2009

Why we homeschool...

Just thought that I would let ya'll know a little bit more about us...  The decision to homeschool was not something that just happened to us.  I had wanted to homeschool for a very long time. In fact, I knew when I held my first baby in my arms that I wanted to homeschool her. But life is never easy or uncomplicated is it? And things never turn out how we thought they would!

I had been working as a teacher at a private Christian school, and they asked me to be the administrator.  At the time, we needed the money, (ever heard that before?) so off I went. I had a mother from the school watch my little girl in a room right next to me. This went on for a few years, and then it was time for her to start school. I told myself that she would be just fine - she is just down the hall for goodness sake! How could I quit, they needed me. (Hmmmmm.....)  I have to admit I squelched my hearts desire until she was in 3rd grade.  We finally just couldn't stand it any longer and brought her home and then eventually her sister and then the twins. Though we dissapointed many close to us who really believe in the Christian school, we were so relieved.  We were finally doing what we knew God wanted us to do. What joy!!

Since we began homeschooling, we have tried many different methods, places, practices, and curricula. We are now homeschooling 5 of our children (the youngest is 2) with our oldest at 14 in ninth grade. I still like to be somewhat structured in my approach - I guess I just can't get away from all my college training, or all those years of teaching! But I sure have relaxed a lot (the kids are all saying yeah!!!)

Our approach is quite eclectic, but on a typical day most of us work at the kitchen table.  We start out with Bible using Positive Action for Christ curriculum, we use DVD's for Latin from Memoria Press, we scrapbook our science text from Apologia, use workbooks from ABEKA for math, handwriting, and language, and we supplement the core subjects and do history with an online education program called Time4Learning.

Just like any other home with children there are good days and there are bad days. There are messy days, and well... there are messy days! But through it all it is such a joy to see the children grow daily and turn into really wonderful and interesting people. I have to say one of the most rewarding things about being a mother and raising children is when they begin to grow up and you realize one day they are no longer just your child, they are your friend.

I have no greater joy than to hear that my children walk in truth.  III John 1:4


  1. Great pics!! They really add to the "personality" of your post. And I know a lot of homeschooling moms appreciate these "why did you start homeschooling" posts! Keep up the great work!

  2. I sympathize with the problem deciding between leaving a job in school where people appreciated and needed you to go to the more fundamental family commitment. These choices are hard and I'm sure you went the right way. Enjoying your blog, the pictures bring it to life (this is John btw)

  3. i can empathize about leaving your job - i was a daycare teacher before making the decision to stay home and homeschool - it was so hard to leave my school kids and families but being at home is such a huge reward!
    we also used different homeschooling methods for awhile before settling on one - this year we discovered T4L - we use it as our core curriculum, though and supplement with other things - the kids LOVE it! what a Godsend!
    loving your blog and hope we can share lots of tips/ideas long after the blogging course is over!