Wednesday, February 16, 2011

What is going on with my life?

I know I have been quite negligent in my posting here at Faith and a Full House... but that's just it... I have a full house! Everytime I turn around these days there is a huge catastrophe awaiting my attention. I am sure all of you  mothers with many children can commiserate! Somedays I can't even find the time to shower... yeah - I know... that's gross.

Just this past week we have had a series of "freak" accidents at our house. Really, I'm not sure if I should call them freak or just kid related incidents that make me freak out.

The first eerie... no... GROSS situation occured while I was fixing lunch for the kids. All of a sudden I felt drops of water hitting my face from the built in range vent hood. At first, I didn't get what was going on... then the sound of running water hit me (or should I say dripped on me)! Someone had plugged the toilet and then the toilet was stuck running... and now it was dripping from the second floor through the ceiling down through the vent hood and onto my face....YYYUUUUKKK! Of course, I ran upstairs to take care of the issue - but needed way more towels than I had anticipated! Eventually, I got all of the water up - and then took another shower....grrr.....

After I had the nasty toiletty water towels safely washing in the machine, I heard a knock at the door. I go to answer, and there is a nice deputy sheriff waiting for my attention. I kindly asked what it was that he needed, and he proceeded to tell me that someone from our house had called 911 and he was just checking it out. Now, I thought the toilet incident was pretty bad, but not quite bad enough to call 911 over. So, who called? Yeah... you guessed it my precious little blue eyed three year old! I apologized profusely that he had to come by my house when there were real criminals out there needing his attention. He did look at me rather weird when I said that, maybe I look like a criminal or something - OR maybe he can read minds!!! I then proceeded back into the house to debrief my dear little ones over the importance of NOT calling 911 unless someone is bleeding, hurt, or dying. I think they got it... let's hope.

Over the weekend our dogs kept mysteriously getting shocked (shock collars) everytime they stepped out of the back door. I shut off their transmitter, and still they wouldn't go past the back steps. They wouldn't use the bathroom for over a day! Yes, they finally they got over it - it was pretty bad - we thought we were going to have labradoodles. :)

Then yesterday my dear sweet Jordan was telling me about some amazing thing she had done and just tripped over her own feet and broke open her chin on the door jamb. I mean... crazy! It swelled up huge and now is a lovely shade of purple.  Oh... this is not the extent of her amazing capabilities... later that day she was hopping on one foot with her other leg bent over and pulling on her ankle. Fun... but it popped her knee out of socket... screams... tears...all I could think of was, "What am I going to tell the emergency room now? (purple chin and knee out of socket) 'Yes, doctor she just did it to herself'!"... but thank God while I was thinking through that one... daddy came to the rescue and rubbed it the right way and it popped back in.

Tomorrow I am going to try to work on my income taxes... do you think I'll make it through alive?

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Free Public School Resources

I have several friends that have used the free government resources that are available for homeschoolers. They have had needs such as learning disabilities, in which their children need speech therapy or other additional services that they really couldn't afford.  This seemed to work out well for them, but they did have to stay accountable to the party providing the services to them.  It was a benefit for them, but they weren't completely free to educate as they pleased. Once they had taken advantage of the benefit they surrendered some of that freedom.

As a homeschooling family what do you think about taking advantage of these "free" services? My personal conviction is to struggle through and try to pay for the services myself, in order to completely maintain my freedom in educating my children.  I feel it would be worth it to me. I can understand the other viewpoint as well. Let me know what you think!?

Here is a recent post I made on another blog about the same issue...
Public School Resources