Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Ribbon key chain Tutorial

After several attempts... I think I have it!

Take 7" of grossgrain 11/2" ribbon - embroider, paint, or leave blank.

Fold in half. . .

Stitch down each side and across the bottom.

Trim the neck and use a lit match to seal the edges of the ribbon. . .

Fold over the neck and stitch across several times. . .

I use a pair of scissors to open up the key ring and then I slide the ribbon on to it and thread it around - almost done!

Once the key ring is threaded through it is ready to use!!


  1. Thats so cool!!! I love them!!

  2. these are so beautiful! i have never been very adept at using a sewing machine but looks like you did an amazing job!

    by the way, i checked into why my blog roll listing on your page isn't working and i'm not really sure of the cause - it seems to be working on other blogs - maybe you just need to double check the spelling - it's a long name and i've misspelled it myself more than once! www.neverjustahousewife.blogspot <--or you can just copy & paste that! :-)