Thursday, December 10, 2009

The Perfect Gift

Love so Amazing, So Divine... Demands my life, my love, my all.

At a time when "presents" occupy our thoughts, and "What are we going to give them?" is one of our primary contemplations during the day.  What can we give HIM - has been on my mind today.  We often put so much thought, creativity, energy, and when possible money - into the gifts we give.  Do we think that much about what we give to our Redeemer?  My precious Lord gave His life for me - paid for my sins - and set me free from the slavery of that sin - what can I give Him?

Not one single Christian can say that they have nothing to present to Him. We may not have as much as others, but we each have a heart and a spirit that we could offer. Which is to be most prized - the ten coins from someone who has much or the one coin that was all they had? Most often the little gift is surely more acceptable to God who weighs not the gift, but the motive. But truthfully God would have it all - our hearts, our minds, our bodies, our pocketbooks,  all given to Him to be used in whatever way would please Him.

So, what can I give Him...

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