Thursday, December 3, 2009

Decking the halls...

We had a wonderful visit with my parents... and let 2 of the children go back with them until Christmas. Wow... that was a big step for me. They left today, and I am missing them all - already!

Anyway, we have been busy elves around here and have started decking the halls... I wasn't quite ready for the Christmas season, but I am warming up to it as we go! I have been making plans for Christmas projects and hope to have the patterns and ideas up this week to share with all of you! So, until then!!!

The big girls at Atlantic Station Christmas tree in Atlanta.


  1. My GOODNESS what a tree! I've never been privileged to see anything quite that "Christmas-y"!! They look like elves in front of it!! ;)

  2. That IS a big tree! lol, just yesterday I set up the tree by my self. (My brother helped a LITTLE) I know what you mean, I haven't really gotten into the Christmas spirit yet either. I usually am begging mom to start playing the Christmas music by September. I love your profile picture, it is so pretty! Have a good weekend! ~Lizzie (P.S. Incase you didn't know, I met Cameron through HSB, and she told me about your blog)