Tuesday, December 8, 2009


I finally feel like I am getting in to the holiday spirit. I enjoy doing so many things at Christmas time, but this year due to the possibility of our moving, big spiritual struggles, and the financial crunch I just haven't been on top of things.  My heart has been in deep freeze for the past month or two - and it has taken a good bit to thaw it out!  I hope that doesn't sound crazy... maybe some of you understand.

I have finally had the time to get into my Christmas projects as well (still haven't done any baking though). The projects I planned have been pretty simple this year.  I am so thankful I was able to finish the Christmas outfits to sell at the boutique in town... I am excited about these - they are so sweet!  I call them "Made to Monogram." I made each one with monograming in mind.  I can personalize them, but I didn't want to embroider anything on them yet! So they are ready for that special somone's initial! 
I just love personalized gifts, don't you?

The other two projects that I have been trying to get to over the past few weeks have been those cute little keychains made out of ribbon and recycled fur headbands. We want to give the keychains to our the children's sunday school teachers and such.  It is a cute little gift that most every lady loves. Some friends have asked for this as a tutorial. I haven't done one before, but I'm going to give it a shot! Just understand that I am definitely an amateur!

The key chains look nice with embroidery and without.

The picture doesn't do these justice - they are made out of an old fur coat - red fox to be exact. They look so Christmassy on...

My next project on the LIST is to finish my Christmas cards, but becuase I was in a daze for the last month I didn't get our Christmas picture developed - soooo now I am waiting on the pictures before I can send out the cards.  CRAZY... I have never been like this before.  I hope it isn't permanent.

Thank the Lord for sweet daughters who like to decorate... they have been such a blessing and have actually helped me get so much done recently.  Almost too much-

Has anyone else's older teenage children wrapped their own Christmas presents?


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