Thursday, June 2, 2011

Are we too busy?

"Why stand ye here ... idle?" Matt. 20:6

"It is possible to be idle and yet to be fully occupied; to neglect one's paramount duty while yet employing every moment of one's time."
I would have to resoundingly agree. Do you feel like some days you spend the whole day doing, doing, doing... yet not really doing anything of lasting benefit. I feel that I am guilty of this most days. Yes, I know being a mother is a great and God honoring thing... yet - the question follows me, "Am I doing my best for my Lord?" 

Am I teaching and training my children with their future in mind? Do I work on instilling in each of them godly characteristics? Am I the wise woman building up her house, or the foolish plucking it down with my hands?
I can't help but feeling that I could spend less time on the computer, less time on the telephone, less time doing trivial things - and more time investing in my children and showing them Christ through my life.

"Consider then! is it not idle to waste time in trivial occupations when we are charged with serious responsibilities, or to employ only our lowest powers and talents and leave our higher ones unused? For a Michelangelo, who could plan and erect a St. Peter's to spend his life in rough hewing blocks of marble, would it not have been a sin and a shame? For Peter, James, and John to have continued their fishing after receiving from the risen Saviour their great commission, or for Paul to have retained tent-making as his life's main business after his conversion, would it not have been sinful waste of precious time, as well as sinful disobedience? We may be spending the one life that God has given us to live for Him, in doing work of a kind different from that which our Master intended; of a lower and less important description..."

God help me, to be busy about your business today...

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