Monday, April 19, 2010

Sunday, name calling, and preachers

All right, I know .... I am trying to fit several things in this one post...  but yesterday, was a wonderful day.  We had a dear dear preacher and his wife (Dr. and Mrs. Finnigan) to come to our church yesterday. They used to live here in Georgia for a while, and my family has known them since I was very little. I was so happy they could come.  He preached for us at church, and I wished I could hang on to every word.  It was truly wonderful.  His dear wife is also a great blessing and encouragement. Our church had a luncheon for them, and it was so nice... one of those truly memorable days.

And to put a cap on such a wonderful day...Sunday evening as we were standing around fellowshipping - everyone except the preacher and our family had gone... Jordan came running up saying "Momma, Momma - Chloe just said 'Butthead'." 

Oh     my    goodness     - I could've died on the spot.  One of my fears has always been that one of my dear (big silly grin) precious children would do or say something like that in front of the preacher.  But he just looked at me and said, "Don't worry, I'm deaf in one ear." (Big grin)  This brought back memories of when he and his wife lived here before. One of our little boys in the church used to tease with him every Sunday.  And Doc would tease him back and call him George.  One Sunday the little guy said, "My name's not George!" and then proceded to punch Doc... well... shall we say at the little boy's eye level.   After Doc had doubled over in pain - and the momma profusely apologized... he just said, "It's alright, kids will be kids."  I guess he has a long history of overlooking our little one's silliness.

Jordan... the tattler....

Chloe... the name caller...

Just so everyone knows... we don't allow our children to say words like that... but kids will be kids...

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  1. You got that one. God gave kids freewill just like he gave adults free will. Try as we many the freewill will come through at times.