Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Holiday Hullabulu

I don't know about you... but it is crazy at our house.  Even more crazy than typical... and that is pretty crazy.  I love the holidays, but it sure does take its toll on our sanity and especially our schooling.  The kids really do not want anything to do with "work."  They have holiday fever! Really bad...

I'm not sure what you do during the holiday... but I have decided that our homeschool needs some help.  I plan on doing some "out of the box" things over the next few weeks.  An attempt at getting the kids to settle down, and actually learn something.

We've checked out books from the library, and will be watching a few "learning" videos this week.  The kids are doing their online lessons, and a light load of worksheets...

How about you?  Doing anything different to survive the holiday hullabulu?? Share... please!

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