Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The Future of Homeschooling

No... I am not gazing into a crystal ball to tell the future of homeschooling...

But, I am looking at the facts...

Did you know that the most recent government count of homeschoolers was at 1.5 million in 2007? And this was estimated with a projected growth rate of 36% a year! Calculate that and you have nearly 3 million Americans that are homeschooling!!!

But, in this "government" count, they excluded those homeschoolers who particpated in umbrella schools, public school sponsored homeschools, and temporary homeschoolers. Also, think about most homeschooling families - I lump myself in this - I don't really like the government to know everything that we do so I typically only answer what I have to... So in all reality the government's count could be VERY shy! Including in all of these other "excluded" groups would bring the homeschooler count to between 4-6 million. WOW!!

So, if homeschooling is really growing this rapidly what does that mean for our future? Yes, I have seen homeschooling grow from a "red headed stepchild" to a popular method of education. Homeschooling has grown from having little to no resources to having such a plethora of resources that it boggles my mind to look for curriculum. There are homeschooling support groups all over the place now, and even our family and friends are starting to "come around" to our crazy decision to homeschool. The scene has changed - and definitely for the better, but again... what does that mean for our future?

Well, truthfully no one can say. Alot of the future of homeschooling depends on how the federal and state governments continue to look at home education. As long as the laws remain that protect our freedoms in this area... we should be able to continue. Yet, with so many Americans making homeschooling their method of education our voice becomes louder. At this point in time...with an estimated 4-6 million homeschoolers... the future of homeschooling appears strong and growing!!

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