Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Top 10 for Busy Mothers

Today I am sharing a post with you that I posted over at momSCHOOL. I have changed it a bit - but I hope there's something there for you! I really love top 10 posts... for some reason they appeal to my  -condense it, and expedite it - source for knowledge!

1) Get organized.  Organize your house, your schedule, your personal time. Maximize your potential by limiting wasted time (email checking, web surfing, internet shopping, etc.) Get rid of things that add stress, and use a calendar. Download your calendar to your smart phone and set it to remind you of upcoming events.

2)Be prepared. Set goals and make a "to do" list. Prepare your grocery list before you leave, and prepare in advance to run all your errands in ONE trip per week.

3)Delegate. Chore lists are awesome. Make sure everyone in the house has some responsibilities.

4) Pay your bills online. This is a super time and money saver. Use your bank's website to pay ALL your bills with one click.

5)Make time for youself. Take an hour of two to do something that you love. Take a bubble bath and read, or sew, or draw something lovely. It will renew and refresh you!

6) Take time for you spouse. You are a team, and you must be together both in mind and spirit. Schedule a date night, go out and have a nice long talk over a meal.

7) Use your crock pot to make delicious homemade meals. Set it in the am and forget it till supper!

8) REST. Look to the Lord to carry your burdens. The Bible tells us that He is a friend that sticks closer than a brother. Lay your burdens at His feet, and REST in Him.

9)Eliminate things that are not necessary. This means things that are consuming your time, that you don't enjoy or that are really just a waste of time.

10) Just let it go... it really dosen't matter if the clothes get folded immediately after they leave the dryer. The dishes can get washed once a day, and the toys can get picked up before going to bed. Don't stress the little things... enjoy time with your children!

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