Wednesday, October 3, 2012

This week I am sharing one of my posts from MomSCHOOL homeschool. So many mom's share this feeling... that I thought it would be appropriate!

Homeschooling, motherhood, being a wife … it can all be alot of stress. It doesn’t help that most of us self inflict that stress. I, for one,  am very guilty of that. I get it in my head that I have to something at a certain time, or in a certain way and if I can’t… Boy am I stressed!!! That isn’t anyone’s fault but my own. I don’t REALLY have to do those things in a set time frame, especially since I homeschool! I guess that comes from having a goal in mind that I think I should reach by a certain time. I usually let it really get to me… recently my precious Lord and even my family has been helping realize that this is not a healthy way of thinking. You see, I not only let that stress ME out… but it affects my family too!
Changing how I view my life is the first step, the second step is to change how I view homeschooling.  I must put my personal relationship with God and my family first. Any thing else is of secondary importance. If my family can’t see by my actions that they are more important than these other things… then I am inadvertently telling them that other things are more important than they are. These other things may be good – even great things. It could even be church related activities…  but if it takes away from necessary time with your family it could be too much. I have known missionaries who labored for Christ in distant lands,  but sent their children to boarding schools and lost them to bitterness and even a hatred for God. God is my strength, and in Him I find joy and peace. Yet, HE has given me my family – that is my DIRECT mandate from Him.
Secondly, I have to consciously MAKE time to cultivate relationships with those that I love. It seems like everyone is busy these days, and making time to show someone you care is even more important.  Time means so much…
Third, organize yourself. Organize your personal space, your home, and your homeschool. You can be more efficient when you can find what you need to complete a task. Organize your time – use a calendar that you can get to easily and put everything on it! Print out a calendar with important dates and place it on the fridge. Then everyone in the family can be on the same page.
Finally, make homeschooling work for you. Don’t allow homeschooling to be your task master. Yes, there should be goals and objectives and we should strive to help our children learn at their maximum potential… but that can be done without stress and worry! Make your goals, but be flexible to allow life to happen… and enjoy those different seasons of life before they are gone!

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