Sunday, October 28, 2012

Gratitude... Thankfulness... and no, it's not just that time of year!

It seems that God is really trying to tell me something these days... everything that I look at and study has to do with finding joy and freedom in Him. For a while it seemed as if that was elusive to me... that I was stuck in the circumstances of raising 6 crazy children and the multitude of responsibilities that accompany that... I felt and still feel at times that I am defeated, empty, and frazzled... but, I am HIS child - and He has not forsaken me!

Flash forward to my concern for my children... where is their thankfulness I often wondered... God struck my heart when I realized that they learn from example... I need to show my thankfulness - I need to give thanks to God - I need to find strength in the truth of His Word! They just might learn thankfulness and gratitude if I demonstrate for them...

 I can have freedom from the things that weigh me down... from the battle with perfectionism... Freedom isn't elusive... it is within grasp...if only through God and HIS TRUTH.

Giving thanks...praising Him... brings joy!..and not to forget that the joy of the LORD is my strength... Why has it taken me so long to put that together? I am seeing more and more things within my life that need to be addressed... God is putting His finger on those things through a study we are doing in our ladies' group... (Lies Women Believe) and through the realization today that I need to start a gratitude journal...

Pray for me, as I make a conscious effort to live a life of gratitude... of giving praise to my God that loves me and never forsakes me...

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