Wednesday, December 12, 2012

NO... I Don't Want to Deal with it... My Kids are Growing Up!

Ahhh.... I was reminded once again that my children are growing up - and quickly! This week my daughter who is a Senior in high school went to visit her grandparents. Yeah, I know... kids do that everyday... BUT I had to put her on an airplane and let her fly half way across the country ALONE! It was tramatic...I'm sure I sound like a whiny drama queen... maybe I am...

We are a close family, and really spend alot of time together. My daughters are some of my dearest friends!  Caitlyn has gone on trips before - even overseas without her daddy and I yet for some reason this time it was very difficult. I am pretty sure it was just because she went alone. The fact that she was old enough to travel all by herself really hit me hard. She is growing up. In many ways, I am so thankful. She is a beautiful young lady, with a beautiful personality and heart. She loves Jesus with all her heart, and seeks to please Him every day. I can't ask for any more. God has truly been good to me!

I am holding out with a little hope that when she is grown... God will put her somewhere near me... :) I know... I know... but one can hope...

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  1. Oh Jamie,
    High School?? Well, AARP will be calling you and Alan soon!

    Sure miss you and your family, hope to see you before the rapture!

    Love ya,Lois