Sunday, May 9, 2010

The Map

I recently finished reading the book entitled The Map by David Murrow.  Definitely an interesting book, but written with men in mind.  The author takes us on a journey to discovering the real purpose of growth in a Christian's life. The Map tells us that there is a journey that we all embark upon once we are saved. The journey is typified in the example of Jesus' life. The Map develops an interesting story line as the character stumbles upon an ancient secret regarding a map from Old Testament times. Twists and turns in the plot add a little mystery, but the finale brings home the point.

I enjoyed the book, but since it was created more with men in mind I read it from an outsiders point of view.  I thought that the analogies made to the Christian life were fitting and beneficial, and I enjoyed the bit of mystery that was thrown in. I would say this is a good book to share with a friend.

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