Sunday, May 9, 2010

The Little Things...

I know everyone is thinking about mothers today... me included.  All day I have been thinking about a conversation that I had with my mother last night. She called to thank me for the "World's Best Nana" t shirt that we sent her...I know... but I was tired of the same old flowers. We designed it ourselves... so it was pretty cute! Anyway - She was excited to tell me that she found a little box with several little mementos in it from me to her on mother's day.  I was rather suprised... because if anyone knows my mother - she is the queen of organization and cleanliness. 
But though I was a bit suprised that she had kept these things... I really wasn't.  You know of all people in the world - mother's tend to hang on to the little things.  You know... those little things that make you think - - "I wish I could hang on to this moment a bit longer." The sweet smile.. the precious note...or even powder all over a room....

Just like the sweet old ladies in the grocery store that come up to you and tell you to enjoy every minute with your children because they grow up too fast... I have always felt our time with our children is so short... but more so these days when I think about how those little blonde curls give way to big girl hair....and dollies to high heels... and those little cars and trucks that are everywhere on the floor ....Well, they will be gone before I know it.

How can we hang on to it longer? Sadly, there really is no way -  for time is not meant to stand still, but God gave us amazing memories which can hold so many dear moments, and we can savor the time we do have and hang on to the little things.... the little mementos that one day will be so precious to share with your grown up child...  and maybe... just maybe you'll help them to see that the little things... the little moments....the little cards and notes... the children...need to be enjoyed and treasured before they are gone.

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