Tuesday, March 23, 2010

How to... clean up Baby powder SNOW

I am so thankful for each of my sweet children...
This is what I woke up to this morning! Innocence...

This is what I found this afternoon... somehow the girl's room
began to snow... baby powder??

This look tells it all... notice the powder flecks on the camera
It is still in the air...
I just thought it was safe to take a shower!

Good news... The vacuum cleaner wand and the little
flat attachment...

...worked wonders! Now we just have a lingering smell
(which is rather pleasant) and a fine dust on everything.

I guess since our two's were not so terrible... we must be
playing make up during 3!

Just thought I'd share - in case you ever wonder how to clean up baby powder snow! Now you have the "How to."  (But I hope you never have to use it... I don't think I will ever get ALL the dust off the furniture.) Preschoolers...

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  1. Oh my...things like this happen at my house way too often! I usually find myself grumbling about them, but for some reason reading your story has put a smile on my face and I'm thinking back to the messes my boys have made and remembering them in a different light! Thanks.

  2. what a positive attitude you have! It is adorable, especially since it hasn't happened to ME. :)

  3. goodness...they sure had fun!!!

    not so much fun for mom... :) nice to visit your blog..now a proud follower!

  4. What a lovely testimony of patience....and such adorable pics! If only I always just pulled out the camera and smiled at disasters. :)

  5. Oh, wow. Good thing she didn't use lotion first.

  6. Our son didn't write on the walls until he was three- today I found gum there- he's four. Can't wait to see what I find at five :) or :(
    Thanks for visiting my blog!

  7. Ha! They always find the messiest things to get into when we aren't looking. Good call on the vacuum cleaner!

  8. Funny from far... and far from funny when you are in there. We had a similar experience with fine fish food flakes - EVERYWHERE!!! - and the smell lingered about forever!!!

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  10. This is funny. I have a child when he was 2 or 3 decided to coat his winter boots in Shortening.
    I never had terrible 2's it was the 3's for the most part. Enjoy then while they are little.

  11. My 12 son who is handicapped stayed home today cuz he was a little under the weather today. Well he poured powder all in his room and on the bed. Omg what to do. Got clean it bfore my husband gets home. LOL

  12. Well, I hate to admit it, but I AM the one making the baby powder mess @ our house every time I use it (it looks like Tinkerbell's "fairydusted" my tiles, LOL)! I came across your your site when I googled "how to clean-up baby powder" and soo glad I did as I'm a fellow Christian with a 5yr old, and from what your other readers have written, I'm thinking we've never had terrible two's or three's (Dear Lord, maybe she's saving it for 5's!?!)...although she does a pretty good job of trashing the house with all her toys!
    May our good Lord bless & keep you all!
    Anne Marie