Saturday, March 13, 2010

Home Education

Home Education is more difficult than it looks at times... We have been working on research papers at our house now for about a month.  Going through the usual - gathering information and resources - making an outline - making note cards- and then  - of course - starting the dreaded writing.  My girls are both pretty creative - one of them used to write me fiction stories everyday. Do you think she would like writing this paper... NO WAY. They both are dragging their feet like I am taking them to the dentist. Anyway - I am having to take a HARDLINE approach with their final due dates - no more feet dragging - no more wasting time... I want those papers... and I want them now!  Alright  - I know, calm down...

I like most every other mother - want the best for my children.  I want them to be able to write a unified and cohesive paper. To be able to achieve successfully when they go to college.  But, this month has really tried my resolve. OK - maybe it wasn't all their fault - since of course we always have a million interruptions by one of the little ones around here.  Since I have been a teacher for quite a while - I usually do most of the teaching with the exception of an online homeschool curriculum.  Whatever the subject - I am thankful to have the ability to teach my children...( it definitely saves money ;)  But this month has pushed my resolve - I believe that for next year's writing - we will consider Time4Writing.  I need an outside source to prod my dear girls along this path. And also to keep me from using drastic measures to get a rough draft! :)

Well, since this has been on my mind - I took a few moments to look for some good online writing resources. It turns out that there are LOTS of resources out there... Here's a sample of what I found:

High School Writing Course

One Year Adventure Novel - teaches story writing

Notebooking Pages - helps to motivate writing

Homeschool Writing Resources

A Homeschool Writing Blog

Homeschool Writing and Research

Do you have any favorite writing resources to share?? Please do..

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