Thursday, March 4, 2010

My New Habit...

Ok - I know I am not the authority on "couponing", but I have started making it a habit.  It is pretty exciting to go to a store and have them tell you that you saved more than you spent.  Now that's exciting! A friend of mine recently wrote about her new habit as well!

This recession has us really spinning our wheels... so.... about six months ago I started buying the paper on Sunday, clipping the coupons and then checking the items in our local grocery stores.  We have three near us and I look through each ad to see what's on sale that WE CAN USE.  I have to disagree with the coupon divas who buy everything they find on sale ... just... because... it .... is... on... sale and they have a ..... coupon for it!  I look for only the items that I know I will use. I particularly enjoy the stores that use BOGO (buy one get one free) - and when you have a coupon for it as well... woohoo that is big savings!!

I also want to mention that my husband is an avid hunter - so we save a TON of money by eating venison, and other meats (not anything weird :) that he hunts.  But I am a white meat lover, so I do buy chicken when it is on sale! 

 Then I go through my coupon stash ( a pretty pink little coupon holder that my daughter got me for Christmas - defintely a necessity) and try to match coupons to all the sale items that I want. I will also check couponmom to see if there is anything there that I can use.  I like that site because it has all the different printable coupon pages. Again - one stop! :)

To save even more money, I plan my meals around the sale items that I find at the store - yes, so I don't get my absolute favorite -  spaghetti - - every week... but I am saving money! Let me tell you - it is a big sacrifice. Nothing beats garlic bread and spaghetti - I really could eat it every meal... but that's another story...

THEN... because I have six kids and can't won't!!  go to 3 different stores in a shot - I go to one on Friday and then a different one on Monday or Tuesday.  We usually need more milk in the middle of the week anyway so it works great for us!  Shopping mostly sale items has been saving me at least 50% (often more) each time I go to the store... That is REWARDING and exciting! AND...Here is my proof!


  1. i got so excited when i saw this post! then even more excited when i saw that you mentioned my blog! woohoo! thanks so much!
    btw, i'm right there with you about not being fanatical - i don't even shop at more than one store! lol!
    BUT...i did save over $80 today! a chunk of that was thanks to BOGO sales on cereal plus coupons - i got several name brand boxes of cereal for just over $1 per box! love it!

  2. Thanks so much - I hope you didn't mind my linking to you! Gotta have some bloggy love goin on...

    I know you encouraged me the other day when I read your post! It is encouraging to see how other mom's make it happen. Thanks again!