Wednesday, March 31, 2010


The days are absolutely lovely... sunny several days in a row.  That is just what I have been needing... and so have the kids.  We have been cooped up in our school room for ages now  - it seems.  So, we have been taking our home school to new sights... outside.  The winter kinda brings our home school to a grind. It begins to feel like we wake  - eat - school - eat - play - eat - sleep! But when those lovely days of spring hit - we take advantage.  A day out in the sunshine does so much good, and brings life back into the "grind" of homeschoooling.  I sometimes even change our pace - change up our subjects  - to help change our mindset about finishing up the year.

Take a minute today - and enjoy the outdoors - take your homeschool to a new place... enjoy God's beautiful creation!

"For the beauty of the earth - for the glory of the skies...this our hymn of grateful praise!"

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  1. Jae thank you for following my blog. Your looks interesting as well. I will keep watching.

    I also, like to knit and teach a 4-H class at this time.

    Happy Easter to you and your family.