Tuesday, March 8, 2011

I Have Been Blessed...

I know... I just posted about my crazy life adventures with my crazy kids... but all day I have been thinking... how blessed I am.

In my devotions this morning... the scripture was a verse about how God promises that His children will endure trials. That could be discouraging... but if we look at it from God's viewpoint, it is sooo encouraging! You see - He sees us as His children needing correction, needing growth, needing maturity. So, just as I have to put up with crazy stuff from my children.... ohhhh does my precious Lord put up with crazy stuff from me!  He leads me along, teaches me lessons from my failures, uses circumstances to show me how to trust Him, and ultimately He makes me more like Him. Yes, trials and testings are so scary, but the goal is so blessed!

So - yes today - I am thanking Him... for the crazy moments with my family... for He is teaching me lessons much deeper than just how to clean up toilet water and powder snow!

Thank you Lord, for loving me!

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