Monday, August 16, 2010

Ladybug Conundrum??

It's my little Jo's year to have a big birthday bash... sooooo.... I (though not very original) suggested a few birthday themes. One of which was a ladybug party.  Oh my, that caught on like wildfire, and now I am having to brainstorm ideas to incorporate into a party for 6 year olds!

So, since I have such great cyber friends, I thought I would ask you all for your expert opinion - on what to do.

1. The absolute party necessity - birthday games - can you think of some really good ones that use the ladybug theme?

2. I am determined that I am going to learn how to make my own fondant and decorate a cake - here are three of my favs... which do you like?

Each of these are so pretty... whoever made them did such a good job... I can
only hope to make Jordan's as nice.

3) I am wanting to let the girls make some "favors." I thought maybe a t shirt
with some Iron on ladybugs... or black puff paint with each of their names and
ladybugs... SHARE any ideas you have!!

 I have until Sept. 10th... so if you have any other ideas... I am all ears!! Please comment...


  1. I LOVE the cake in the middle!! So cute!! Mmmm....lady bug duck goose...but say lady, lady, lay, BUG!! LOL I'm not sure. ;)

  2. Thanks... I like the idea! One vote for the middle one!! :)