Friday, October 29, 2010

Busy, Busy, Busy

Wow...isn't it amazing how exhausted you get when you are constantly going?  This past week has been very crazy... well, crazy good!  We had a youth meeting at church, and then our Bible conference  - along with a family in the church moving across the country, and another moving in. Every day was alot of going, and working... and we are truly exhausted. The children actually slept 11 hours last night. That spoke volumes to me.  They were (with all their amazing energy) as tired as I was!

Through our exhaustion, weakness, and business - God was still so good to meet with us. I can truly say as so many others have before, "a river was running through my soul." We serve an awesome God, that is so good, so loving, and so just.  I deserved nothing - yet he picked me up out of my sin - set my feet upon "the Rock" - and no, He didn't just leave me there - He continues to care for me, love me, and make me more like Him.

So tired... but so blessed!

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