Friday, October 29, 2010

Generation Misdiagnosed

I was recently reading an article that nearly made my blood boil.  Researchers are now saying that there are nearly 1 million children in the United States that are misdiagnosed with ADHD.  Boy, did I see that coming.  In the early nineties, when I was teaching in school this was so common.  Although our school was a proponent of natural rememdies, I had many children who were treated with ADHD drugs.  Many of them were truly discipline problems even WITH their medication.  Often I could not tell a difference between their behavior on the drugs or off the drugs. (which by the way, leads teachers to suggest higher doses and on and on)  But now, a decade later we are trying to rein in a horse that has run free for way too long. What damage has already been done to the previous generations that are now trying to function as adults?

The other article that I read stated that often the issues associated with ADHD can be resolved with play, "green" time, and excercise.  The studies cited in this article mentioned that children were tested with no play time - with play time indoors - and with  playtime outside.  Which do you think responded better?  I can only imagine that you would answer - play out of doors.  It is so true - children are created to discover, to learn through play, if we take that from them - WE are the ones causing these issues.  Here's the kicker - guess what teachers in schools do to children who are misbehaving?  They take away their playtime - the time they need outside to release their energy - to discover - and to play.  You see, a vicious circle ensues.  Misbehavior, no play time, more misbehavior, teacher diagnoses child as ADHD, child put on medication, misbehavior...  What did we do 100 years ago when there wasn't ADHD?

Just go play outside...

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