Monday, October 11, 2010

Playing... Is it Learning?

I wonder sometimes if we really understand how to educate.  Isn't it funny how a comment here, or an action there can get you thinking about something so off the wall?  I am beginning to believe that playing for children or enjoyment for adults is connected to learning.  What motivates?  I am sure our desires account for much of it. Do we desire to do something that will make us miserable? Of course not.  Just thinking out loud...

On the "educated" side of things, I have read many studies that connect play and learning.  It is a documented fact that children learn through play. God created them that way.  So, when I sit down to educate my children, do I make allowances for that? Sad to say, sometimes I don't.   I am not saying that all day everyday should just be fun and games, but why can't something fun be the method used to bring the instruction.  Jesus used parables.  An enjoyable means to get across a message.

Each day in our homeschool provides new questions and situations... I think that learning would be a whole lot easier if it were a bit more fun.  How can I help make it that way? Still working on that question, but I have some ideas in the making.  I'll get back to you on this one...
By the way... the photos were taken by my daughter "playing" with the camera... hmmm....


  1. I definitely would agree that play can and should be a part of learning! Up until about 6, we have our littles just play. After the age of 6, we spend our afternoons mostly outdoors. There's just something invigorating for the body, mind and spirit about playing or being outside, isn't there?

    It also looks like you have a budding photographer in your family - I love spindle shots.

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

  2. I agree that play does have an active role in learning, and this is something that I have been trying to remember when I worry that I am not "doing" or "teaching" my girls enough.

    And I love the ordinary moments that your daughter was able to capture in the photos.

  3. We're big fans of play in my home. I agree that it's a valuable part of life and learning.
    Hope you get lots of playful learning in with your kids today!
    Love the pictures BTW- your daughter has a great eye!