Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Being a Martha AND a Mary

I have been meditating on the story of Martha and Mary today... I am sure you can guess why! Feeling as if my busy serving has totally "encumbered" me. I have many many things that need to be done for my family as well as for the Lord's service.  Yet, in trying to get it all done - I have begun to feel encumbered - just like Martha.  Luke 10:40

Serving the Lord is a good thing  -even serving Him with all you have until you have nothing left...  but we cannot truly serve Him without also having comunion with Him.  Like Spurgeon says, being Martha and Mary takes great grace.  Being busy serving the Lord - and being in constant communion with Him is not an easy task.  In fact, the harder tasks are always the more spiritual tasks.  It is harder to pray an hour than to "serve" in menial tasks for the same amount of time.

God help me today - to first seek You and communion with You... then serve You with all my heart!

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  1. This is so true... You may also, pray while you work. I find that is a good way... Also, giving your day to the Lord when you wake up is a good thing.