Friday, January 14, 2011

Fourth grade Writing

Writing isn't an easy thing to teach at best, but given a set of twins who hate writing... it's a nightmare! It has been our present joy to have a book report to write this week. Wow! after writing, rewriting, and rewriting... it still isn't any easier.  Taking  each step one at a time was the only way that we made it.  Gathering information, taking notes, and then writing interesting sentences from the information was slow going. The twins, age 9 are not fans of anything that has to do with creative writing.  Though it isn't easy, it is definitely something that we need to keep at.

 So,  though a necessary evil, I see many harrowing days of writing in our future. If you have any advice for lessening the pain of teaching creative writing... please share! My life may depend on it! :)

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