Monday, January 31, 2011

Frustrated with your curriculum?

Hi dear homeschooling friend... Ever get frustrated with your curriculum? I sure have, but I have learned over the years to stop the frustration as soon as possible. This is for your sake as a parent, but also for your child's sake! :)  If you are getting frustrated with the way a curriculum is laid out, or requirements that it is putting on you and your child... just stop! I suggest a day or two off from school, take inventory of what exactly it is that is frustrating you.  Make a list, this will give you a visual of what you don't like.  Then make a list of the ways that your child learns best - really think about this. You could watch how your child plays and learns for a day and make notes. Compare this with your frustration list.  What do you find?  I am guessing that will find that your child's "strengths" are NOT the things that are frustrating you.  These lists are telling you something loud and clear... find a different curriculum!

The lists of your child's strengths should guide you in your new curriculum choice. Find a curriculum that their learning style will find a comfortable fit. This in itself should help alleviate that stress thats been stalking you lately... There are so many great homeschooling curriculums available, that there really is no need for you to suffer with one that isn't a good fit for you and your family!

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