Sunday, January 2, 2011

Refreshed and Ready to go?

Okay, we have just had two great weeks of festivity and family time... I should be totally refreshed and ready to get back to homeschooling. Yet, for some reason my mind keeps begging for more time... could it be the never ending "To Do" list that I just can't complete, or maybe the dread of getting back to that troublesome subject that the twins just can't grasp? It really could be a myriad of things, but I know that if I don't get down to business sometime soon... I never will. Yet, as I sit here wondering what could help me get into the right frame of mind... some advice a friend recently gave me popped into my head.

I was struggling with meeting the daily requirements of homeschooling, being a mother and wife, working at home... and finding joy and excitement in them.  She suggested reading books on the topics that I was particularly discouraged with. I thought she was a bit crazy at first, but since I was in pretty bad shape... I was willing to try anything. I immediately went to the library and I found several books on homeschooling and children's learning checked them out, and ordered the rest. What I discovered really changed my perpective.  I realized that my dear friend was sooo right! When I started reading about homeschooling and the benefits as well as the struggles that other moms face and how they tackled them,  I got excited. I began to see again how worthwile all the hard work is... how meaningful every day can be in the life of my children... and I found my joy and excitement again!

So, I am going to take one more day of "holiday" and we are going to read... read... read...I know what I will find when I dig into the treasure trove of other mother's amazing experiences,  and remind myself of the many victories that we find daily in the trenches of homeschooling. Not to mention that the kids will love reading books themselves and will probably also appreciate the fact that I regained my perspective before we started back to the old grind... Needing some refreshment?  a little perpective? Have a mini workshop in your own home and read up on the benefits of ... homeschooling! Guaranteed to get you ready to get the new year started... ahhhhh just what I needed....


  1. Books on the homeschooling subject do refresh a mother's/teacher's spirit, and give perspective on the whole picture instead of focusing on the daily chores. The endless to do list, and the laundry that will inevitably always be there at the end of the day. I have made a resolution that I will not focus on one curriculum this year. Praying God guides me in gathering acorns to grow a mighty oak!!! Metaphorically speaking, of course, in reference to the myriad of different curriculums we have to choose from, and applying the best of each to grow and shape my son's heart & brain. Blessings Jamie, Karen

  2. Sounds like a great idea! I hope you have a great year!!