Friday, January 22, 2010

Learning to Read

  Ok - today was a red letter day for us. I hope you understand - when you go nowhere and stay at home all day - when you work everyday with your little ones in hopes to make a little progress...     This     is      red      lettter.     My five year old - has been struggling with getting all the letter sounds "down" and putting them together with their letter names.  We have been working on the phonics aspect of "blending." She has used some online phonics resources and I have been trying to help her do these little charts we call blend ladders that have a consonant and a vowel pair - one for each vowel - all set on  a cute little printed ladder.  She typically will be able to tell me the sound of the letter for example an "s" - but when she would put it with the vowel she would say "c". Example - she should be saying "ssss -aaaa , sa" but she would say "sssss-aaa,  ca."  Crazy.... I have taught children for a long time  - and can't remember coming across this one.    Anyway - today - - I am so excited -   she did it correctly - and not only that - but in her workbook was able to write the blend correctly!  Woohoooo!  Ok - I know - I need to get out of the house... but just think . . . if she accomplished that today. . . what will she accomplish tomorrow?

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