Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Many many thanks...

I read the first part of a blog article today that one of my blogging friends writes, and was pleased to hear that she had won a blog award. Kudos!! My husband shortly interrupted my blog reading reverie with a request for supper.... so I never finished the whole article.

 Well, I was suprised to get a comment from her just a few moments ago - letting me know that she had passed the award on to me! If I had only had the opportunity to scroll down.... I am so excited! Thank you so very much Mom2AHRJ at Never Just a Housewife for giving me that honor.

I see that the rules for the award require that you pass it on to five other blogs that you admire.  Well, here are my five:
A Chosen Chic - a blog by a very special young lady
A Reflection of God - a blog with much encouragement in the faith
Wife Mommy Teacher -  a blog about homeschooling and family
God' Faithful Follower - an on again off again blog about the life of a pastor's wife
Lifting My Eyes - an inspirational blog

Congratulations - you are all SUPER in my book!

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