Monday, February 15, 2010

Valentine's Day in Georgia

We had a wonderful weekend in Georgia... the unexpected ... snow. It was one of the most beautiful snowfalls that I have every seen.  The snow stuck to the tree branches and made it a "winter wonderland."  I loved the beauty of it... but I defintiely could have traded the cold. But alas, one must come with the other.  So we just "hunkered down" and tried to stay warm.  Of course, the children enjoyed it... red cheeks and wet socks. 
Confederate cemetery near our house

Then they came inside and helped make Valentine Cookies, cupcakes, and Valentine cards for their friends at church.  They had so much fun... that mommy got a headache. :)  But what precious memories!

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  1. beautiful pics and i love the cupcakes! i have a little something for you at my blog :-)