Thursday, February 18, 2010

Send the Fire...

Old time outdoor gospel meeting

Praising God for a blessed message by Pastor Alligood from Texas. His short and simple word from God really hit home. He used Abraham's servant, and the picture of how he made an oath to Abraham to find his son a bride - - to parallel it with how our churches are setting out to find the "lost" to win (who will eventually be our Lord's bride when He returns). But Abraham's servant asked him what he should do if the girl would not come. In our modern day case - what do we do if the lost will not come to Christ? We tell them of HIS glories, of HIS wonders, and of HIS precious gift - but what if they will not listen or do not come to HIM? What a question... but the blessed part of the message was that Brother Alligood so humbly stated that in churches all over - all across America - we need the Power of God - this is what brings the lost to HIM. That fire... that "old time religion"... that power. Lord today - send the wind... send the fire... send the Holy Ghost in Power...

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